I’m giving my art away so that you and I can save lives.

I‘ll make your portrait for a donation to The Against Malaria Foundation.


Speculation in the art world makes it very hard to find galleries interested in promoting artistic projects that have exclusively altruistic purposes (in this case, effective altruism). So I thought I would try it on my own, with your help.

Do you want a portrait and at the same time…

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to save children’s lives?

Do you want to save and empower women?

Do you want to help to eradicate poverty?

Would you have guessed that one of the best answers to all of these questions lies in helping to eradicate one of the deadliest diseases ever: Malaria?

So, do you want a portrait and to help making a difference?

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Many believe art can change the world, and effective altruists also strive to do the most good they can.

If you appreciate my artwork, maybe we can accomplish both these objectives.

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Bed Nets

Lives Protected

Lives Saved

Have generously made an effective donation.

From portraits to still-lifes I’ve given it all away so that you and I can save lives.

A bed net (treated with long-lasting insecticide) is the most effective means of prevention against malaria.

A bed net lasts for 3-4 years, and protects, on average, two people from this deadly disease.

For every 100-1,000 nets AMF puts over heads and beds, one child doesn’t die.




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alegre-hagrid José Oliveira

I’ve been an art teacher for over 20 years in Porto (Portugal), and I have a master’s degree in Painting.

My interest in painting has been reborn because of Effective Altruism and my volunteering for The Life You Can Save.

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Do you want a Portrait?

Contact me.

We’ll choose a nice picture.

And after you’ve made a donation (here), I’ll paint it.

Or you can choose from my other artwork (see below).

For more details see here.

If you don’t like my artwork but still appreciate this initiative, you might want to donate (here).

Thank you for your generosity!